An open letter to the Family Court of Australia

Dear Family Court of Australia, It has come to my attention recently that some changes occurred for you, along the lines of someone new coming in to help oversee your system and its cases; to assess how things are going, determine what needs to change, and to act. It seems very many are fed up … Continue reading An open letter to the Family Court of Australia

Get Real: Praying for my kids.

A while back, I read about a Christian mother’s desires and prayers for her children. As I read through her fairly long list, they were, in essence, all seemingly really good things. All biblical. All positive. All pretty standard things that most would expect a Christian mum to pray. All things that, a few years … Continue reading Get Real: Praying for my kids.

Happy & Healthy: Life’s Great Pursuit

“I just want to raise a happy, healthy family. This is my job! How do I fail so miserably?” I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard that phrase as the epitome of life. Happy and healthy. There it was again, in the lamenting words of a mother striving toward this seemingly unspoken societal … Continue reading Happy & Healthy: Life’s Great Pursuit

Come: Burdens and baggage.

“Come, lay down your burdens: I will give you rest … I am the living water … I will refresh and restore your soul.” Things had been somewhat fine not all that long ago. But now… not so much. Heavy. Pained. Gutted. Lost. Worn down. Exhausted. Crumbling. Sore. Succumbing to the overbearing weight of too … Continue reading Come: Burdens and baggage.

In the pit.

DV, or domestic violence, appears often in the media. Different terms can be used, sometimes with some slight differences - FV (Family Violence), domestic abuse, IPV (Intimate Partner Violence), or more - but for the purposes of writing this, they all apply. Earlier this year, DV appeared in media (again), but this time with the … Continue reading In the pit.