Church. Just what is it? I am not so sure it is seen or valued or understood, for what it is and was always meant to be. The push and the practicalities in resuming services in such a very different way following a lockdown last year, and now in the midst of emerging out of … Continue reading Church.

Dancing on water.

 I sat, cradled in Jesus' arms, resting in his love.  “Jesus, I just want to spend all my time with you. Please keep me close. I have so much pain and so many things so deeply burdening me right now... but it’s all so cluttered, I just can’t think straight or work any of it … Continue reading Dancing on water.

It’s about time for 3 new numbers.

Today is a hard one for many. One that brings grim memories and many emotions. Exactly twenty years back today, a horrifying and devastating event occurred in the U.S. Upon thinking about this date in the shadow of recent horror in Afghanistan, I pondered: why exactly is 9-11 such an ongoing “thing”? What is it … Continue reading It’s about time for 3 new numbers.

Pain, purpose, and pressing.

On I walked, or more like wandered... pondering if I really had been meant to choose a path all this time or not... and feeling unsure of everything. The more I walked, the more I felt as though I wasn't really getting anywhere. Very suddenly, a horrible pain shot through my leg. I stopped to … Continue reading Pain, purpose, and pressing.

An open letter to the Family Court of Australia

Dear Family Court of Australia, It has come to my attention recently that some changes occurred for you, along the lines of someone new coming in to help oversee your system and its cases; to assess how things are going, determine what needs to change, and to act. It seems very many are fed up … Continue reading An open letter to the Family Court of Australia